Coalition of Harpists of African Descent

Creating Soundwaves of a Different Color and Texture

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Coalition of Harpists of African Descent!

This website has been created for the purpose of providing news and information about harps, harp music, harp performers and harp related events.  But more importantly, it is to provide news and information about Black harpists in an effort to provide support and encouragement concerning goals, ambitions, activities and achievements in the world of harping.

Now, do not be mislead...this organization is not meant to separate us from other harpists or harp events.  It is simply a means of strengthening us as individual musicians/harpists/artists so that we will have more to contribute and share with the harping world-at-large.  However, because we do have some different issues to address, it is my hope that this organization will provide a safe haven to do just that--address issues and find positive solutions and resolutions so that we can each go forward, make our mark in the world, and share our talents with joy, exuberance, excellence, and sheer confidence.

I believe we have a lot to offer to the world of music, as well as much to say musically in the world of harping. There is a wealth of talent among us--a pool of resources for us to tap into.  My vision for this organization includes sponsoring the first Black Harpist Conference so that we can all finally meet face-to-face, share our experiences and talents, and exchange ideas and thoughts.  How awesome it would be to have an all Black Harp Orchestra perform for an important event such as the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Conference, or a Marketing Opportunities in Black Entertainment event! Or perhaps be able to secure a spot for one or two harpists to appear at a Morehouse-Spelman Conference or at a Gospel Music Awards Ceremony.  There are an abundance of opportunities at various venues that we could be a part of if people only knew how to locate us!  Hence, an organization such as this, which caters to our needs, provides contacts and potential leads for music gigs at various events would be beneficial for all involved.  We need to seek opportunities while pooling our talents and resources.  We must continue to be visionaries : people of unusually keen foresight!  

Let's forge ahead, blaze new trails, create a buzz and turn dreams into reality by using our collective 'harp-alchemy' skills!


Khymn Autumn, Founder/CEO

Toll Free: 1-877-210-4741 ext. 11#


"Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe that something inside them was superior to circumstance."                 Bruce Barton