Coalition of Harpists of African Descent

Creating Soundwaves of a Different Color and Texture

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Articles About Various Forms of Harp Therapy

Article in
The Healing Harp

Link to CBS News' Healthwatch segment about Harp Therapy in hospital recovery rooms. (NOTE:  20 sec. CBS commercial preceeds segment):  
Can Melody Assist Recovery? 

Link to NPR music article and audio clip about Harp Therapy in hospital emergency rooms:  Harpist Brings Comfort to Emergency Room


No One Can Stop Me Now (Amani)
Performed by the American Youth Harp Ensemble out of Richmond, VA

Victoria Drake:  The Complete Bach Cello Suites Performed on Harp - An Introduction - 9 min - Aug 1, 2007Well-Tempered Productions -

Harp Videos of Interest

The above video is from a Danske Bank commercial

Paraguayan and Jazz Harp Performances

Moliendo Cafe performed by Mariano Gonzalez

Edmar Castaneda, solo harp live at Sweet Rhythm


Video of the late Harvi Griffin taken while participating at a harp seminar in France