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(Taken from the Spring 1996 issue of "Intercultural Harp News"--the now defunct newsletter of CHAD)


If you're looking for a way to broaden, expand, or complete your repetoire, the following works should prove to be a boost to your career as perhaps a "harpist extraordinaire! "


by Dominique-Rene de Lerma

Conseroatory of Music ;Lawrence University;

Appleton, WI 54912-0599

The following data are extracted from unfinished research which, on publication, is designed to be a comprehensive bibliography of all music by Black composers, regardless of idiom, or of the country or century in which the composer was active. This listing is restricted to those works in which the harp is a solo instrument or a member of a chamber ensemble. Parenthetical dates are those when the work was completed or first performed, when these dates have been determined. Dates which come before the specification of instrumentation indicate that the citation is an arrangement. It is presently assumed that those works lacking publication information are available only from the composer. In these cases, those interested in acquiring copies of the music may address the composer in care of me at the address above. Such mail will be directly forwarded when the composer's address is known or returned to the sender.

The asterisk [.) indicates recordings of the work are cited within The Black composer: A discography, projected for publication by Greenwood Press in 1986. Additions and corrections will be appreciated and credited accordingly.

ABELS, MICHAEL, 1963.   4 Carols, for SATB with optional brass quintet, harp & handbells (1989). [n.p.]: Subito Music Publishing. Duration: 10:00. Premi re: 1989/12/24; Evanston IL; Choir of Kenilworth Church. 

- for SSA with optional  brass quintet, harp & handbells (1989). [n.p.]: Subito Music Publishing.

ADAMS, LESLIE, 1932.  Night song, for flute & harp (1984). New York: American Composers Alliance. Duration: 3:00.

ANDERSON ,THOMAS JEFFERSON, 1928.  Voca1ise, for violin & harp (1980). New York: American Composers Alliance, 1980. Duration: 8:30. Commission: Richard Hunt, for Jacques and Gail Israelivitch. Premi re: 1980/11/23; Webster College, St. Louis; Jacqueslsraelivitch, violin; Gail Israe1ivitch, harp.

BAKER, DAVID NATHANIEL, 1931.  Fantasy, for soprano, brass ensemble & harp (1954). Text: Albert Cobine. Duration: 5:00.

COLERIDGE-TAYLOR, AVRIL GWENDOLYN, 1903.  God's rememberance, for soprano, harp, violin, viola & violoncello. London: Boosey & Hawkes. Text: Sidney Lanier.

CORDERO, ROQUE, 1917.  Paz, paix, peace, for harp & orchestra (1969). New York: Peer International, 196? Instrumentation: 1011 afl Eh bel; 0000; violin, 2 violas, 2 cellos, double bass.

DICKERSON, ROGER DONALD, 1934 -- Solo, harp (1955).

EI-DABH, HALIM, 1921.  Frieze in body movement, for piano, timpani, harp & violin (1954). Duration: 20:00. Premi re: 1954/03; Boston Conservatory Theatre; Brandeis Modern Dance Group. Original title: Impressions from Gauguin, Leger, and Dali.

Juxtaposition, no. 2, for harp & percussion (1950). Duration: 7:00. Instrumentation: harp, timpani, tom-tom, xylophone & marimba.

A look at lightning, for flute, oboe, English horn & harp. New York: C. F. Peters. (Peters edition, 6534). Duration: 14:00.

FAX, MARK, 1911-1974.  Old Southern melody, for SA TB, flute, bells, snare drum & harp (1972).

FISCHER, WILLIAM S., 1935Movement 65, for flute & harp (1965). Music for flute and harp (1964).

FOUNTAIN, PRIMOUS, III, 1949Concerto, harp (1981). Newton Centre: Margun Music. (#BP 2006). Duration: 9:00. Instrumentation: harp, 1010; 0100; 3perc pf; strings. Commission: Paderewski Foundation and/or Koussevitzky Foundation. Dedication: Ann Hobson. Premiere: Ann Hobson, harp; Boston Symphony Orchestra.

KAY, ULYSSES SIMPSON, 19171995.  Jersey hours, for medium voice, piano & harp, or 3 harps. New York: Carl Fischer. Text: Donald Door. Commission: Mrs. Paul Emanuel.

LEON, TANIA JUSTINA, 1943.  Journey, for high voice, flute & harp. New York: Peer-Southern, 1990. Duration: 9:00.

MARCHENA Y DUJARRIC, ENRIQUE DE, 1908.  Divertimento, harp & string orchestra, op. 94 (1973).

NELSON, JALALU KALVERT, 1951.  Albatross, for flute, harp, violin & violoncello (1981). Duration: 12:00. Images, for harp (1974).

PERRY, JULIA AMANDA, 19241979.  *Homunculus C. F., for percussion ensemble, harp & piano (1960). New York: Southern Music, 1966. 20p. & parts. (#1002) Duration: 6:30. 10 perc & harp. "C.F." = chord of the fifteenth. Library: Library of Congress. New York: Carl Fischer, 1969.

PERRY, ZENOBIA POWELL, 1914.   Sing unto the Lord a new song, for soprano, mezzo-soprano, baritone, narrator, SATB, flute, timpani, harp & organ (1976). Contents: (1) Introduction, for organ; (2) Petition, for soprano, mezzo-soprano, narrator & timpani); (3) For the Lord is a great God, for SATB, narrator, SATB, flute, harp & organ; (4) Sing unto the Lord a new song, for SATB & organ; (5) Ensemble, for soprano, mezzo-soprano, flute & organ; (6) Thanksgiving, for narrator, SATB & timpani; (7) Laud, praise, and glory, for SA TB, flute & organ; (8) Canzonet, for mezzosoprano & organ; (9) Finale, chorale and amen. Text: Zenobia P. Powell.

PRICE, JOHN ELWOOD, 19351995.  Tobias and the angel, for medium voice, harp & percussion (1958). Tutankhamon, for trumpet, celeste, harp, strings & tape (1977). Duration: 14:20.

ROBINSON, DAVID E., m, fl. 1990.   Deep river, for string orchestra with harp (optional). Stone Mountain GA: David Robinson.

SAINT-GEORGES, CHEVALIER DE, 1749-1799.  Quartet, harp & strings, arr. by M. Deleplanque for harp, violin, viola and "bass e." Paris: Sieber, c1777. Advenisement appears in Mercure de France, September 1778.

*Sonate Pour La Harpe / avec Accompagnment de / Flute / Par m. de St. George. II for piano (harp, or harpsichord), flute (or violin) & violoncello as Trio sonata, arr. by Dominique-Ren0 de Lerma. Duration: 9:35.

SMITH, HALE, 1925.  Introduction, cadenzas and interludes, fr flute, alto flute, oboe, clarinet, piano, harp, violin, viola & violoncello (1974). Bryn Mawr: Merion Music, 1979. 28p. & parts. Duration: 12:00. Commission: Nassau County Office of Cultural Development. Premi re: 1974; Sea Cliff Chamber Players. Library: Library of Congress (79-771734).

Music for harp and orchestra (1966). New York: Edward B. Marks. Contents: 2 movements. Instrumentation: 1212; 2000; strings. Commission: Symphony of the New World. Premi re: 1966/07; Carnegie Hall, New York; Gloria Agostini, harp; Symphony of the New World; Benjamin Steinberg, conductor.

SOWANDE, FELA, 1905-1987.  * African suite, for harp & string orchestra. London: Chappell, 1950. 48p. (Chappell & Co. orchestral works, 494; #42892). Library: Library of Congress.

STILL, WILLIAM GRANT, 1895-1978.  Costaso: Golden days, for soprano, harp & string quartet or orchestra. Flagstaff AZ: WGS Music.

*Ennanga, for harp or piano & string orchestra (1956). Flagstaff AZ: WGS Music. 36p. Contents: (1) Moderately fast; (2) Slow [originally: Moderately slow]; (3) Majestically; Moderately fast. Duration: 15:00. Instrumentation: 2222 (p Eh); 3221; timp perc cel; strings. "Inspired by African folk melodies." Dedication: Lois Adele Craft. Premi re: 1958/10/12.

- for harp & piano. Flagstaff AZ: WGS Music.

- for harp & string quartet. Flagstaff AZ: WGS Music.

- Folk suite, no. 2, for flute, clarinet, harp or piano & violoncello (1953). Flagstaff AZ: WGS Music; New York: Southern Music, 1962. 15p. Contents: (1)Elzapatero; (2) Mo'le; (3) Mom'zelle Zizi; (4) Peruvian melody. Duration: 9:00. Library: Library of Congress (also reproduction of holograph).

From the Black belt: 6. Brown girl, for harp, arr. by Mary Ponanova. Flagstaff AZ: WGS Music.

From the hearts of women (1961), for 2 harps & flute or clarinet, arr by Anthony Griggs. Flagstaff AZ: WGS Music. Text: VernaArvey. Duration: 9:00. Contents: (1) Little mother; (2) Coquette; (3) Midtide; (4) Bereft.

- for medium voice, harp & string orchestra.  Patterns (1960), for harp & string sextet. Flagstaff AZ: WGS Music. Contents: (1) Magic crystal; (2) A lone teardrop; (3) Rain pearls; (4) Tranquil cove; (5) Moon gold.

Romance (1954), for flute, clarinet, horn, harp & strings. Flagstaff AZ: WGS Music. Duration: 3:00.

Sahdji (1931): 4 Dances, for piano, harp & strings. Flagstaff AZ: WGS Music.

Serenade, orchestra (1957) for flute, clarinet, harp & string sextet. Flagstaff AZ: WGS. Duration: 8:00. Commission: Great Falls High School, MT. Premi re: 1958/05/07.

Song for the lonely (1953) for medium voice & harp. Flagstaff AZ: WGS Music. Text: Verna Arvey. Duration: 3:48.

-  for medium voice, harp & string quartet. Song for the valiant (1952), for medium voice & harp. Flagstaff AZ: WGS Music.

-  Songs of separation (1949), for medium voice & harp. Flagstaff AZ: WGS Music.

-  7 Traceries (1939): 4. Out of the silence, for harp, arr. by Mary Ponanova. Flagstaff Az: WGS Music.

-  *3 Visions (1936): 2. Summerland, for flute, harp, violin, viola & violoncello. Dur~~on: 4:34.. Flagstaff AZ: WGS Music.

-  for harp & band.

TAYLOR, STEPHEN JAMES, fl. 1990.  Expressions, for harp & guitar (1984).

WILSON, OLL Y WOODROW, 1937.  Biography, from a poem by LeRoi Jones, for soprano, timpani, glockenspiel, piano, harp & flute (1966). 23p. Text: LeRoi Jones. Premi re: 1967/05; St. Charles MO; Lyndewood College; Rosalyn Wykes, soprano; St. Louis Group for New Music.