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Creating Soundwaves of a Different Color and Texture

Promotional Collateral

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Meaningful accomplishment requires sacrifice and constant discipline,

qualities which are often sabotaged by the urges and desires of the moment.

That is why it is so important to keep reminding yourself of the longterm goals you seek.

--Ralph Marsten--

A few promotional ideas:

  • Have self-mailing pamphlets/brochures created containing your bio, photos & contact info 
  • Have postcards created with your photos, bio blurb and contact info
  • Have business cards printed with photo and contact info, including website address & fax 
  • Have thank-you postcards or cards created or purchase ready-made ones to send to clients after completion of a gig.  It's a great way to prompt folks to send business your way.
  • If you are not a union member, create performance contracts (have e-templates so you can adjust instantly to various gigs)

 SUGGESTION:  inexpensive collateral printing can be done at

Marketing & Advertising

A few marketing & advertising tips to help generate business:

  • Create a website using one of the many "FREE" web creation sites available on the internet (such as this one by!
  • Once you've created a postcard or brochure, mail them out to various local businesses that might use your services:  churches, synagogues, mosques, & temples; nursing homes; hospitals; museums; art galleries; coffee/tea houses, restaurants, hotels, associations, wedding planners, etc.
  • Organize a small public or private concert using various free or inexpensive venues, such as county park facilities, community or county activities buildings, libraries,  school auditoriums, religious facilities, or business and non-profit organization facilities.
  • Run ads in local community or county newspapers or magazines.
  • With permission, leave pamphlets, brochures and/or business cards at hair salons, bridal shops/salons/boutiques, floral shops, catering services, cake & bakery shops, party stores, special event shops, restaurants, etc.